Tuesday, November 30, 2010

C4T #4 Summary Post

Teacher with apple, ruler, and chalk board.
The first blog I commented on was "10 Teacher Sayings I Hate." The blog gave examples of sayings such as "He's lazy" and "She's loud." I commented back stating that I thought teachers used these sayings because they didn't want to deal the children. I believe some teachers blame the children for not getting something because they feel they shouldn't have to reteach it. The next blog I commented on was titled "Make Time for.....Conversation." It was about who students are speaking to, when they are speaking, and what about they are speaking. I commented back that I had never thought about that. Yes, students talk in class but it's probably not about the subject you are teaching. I think using creativity in the classroom keeps students engaged and interested. I loved reading these blogs because they were always interesting.

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