Tuesday, November 2, 2010

C4T #3 Summary Post

   My assigned teacher was Chris Pearson. He refers to himself as teachernz on his blog. This first blog I commented on was a video called Web 3.0. The video was about how rapidly technology is emerging, and what it used for now. In my comment I stated that it was shocking! I didn't know that my washing machine had anything to do with the internet, but according to the video it does! I am very curious to know how the 3.0 internet will change things in the future, since everything seems to be changing now. I also stated that I needed to get on board with everything because it was not going to wait on me.
bad education policy.   This next blog I commented on was called Education Reset. It was basically about how the education system needs to change. In my comment I told him that I completely agreed with him. The education system needs to be rebooted fast. I also stated that the longer we wait to change it, the more we are damaging our future. The children in the system now are the ones being effected, and they are the ones who are going to have to live with this. We need to do something NOW! The sad thing is that the only people who see this a priority are the ones receiving a paycheck. I am so glad he posted this blog and is taking a stand against the education system.

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