Thursday, November 4, 2010

Blog Post #11

Successful TeachingMrs. Cassidy's approach to technology in her classroom is very creative! I think the children using their DS to play educational games was great. They are getting to do something educational while keeping up with technology. In my classroom, I plan to use the smartboard with most of my lessons. Something I hope to use is Skype. I like that she had a geologists telling her students about rocks. This way the person you are studying does not have to leave where they are; it is convienent for both the receiver and the caller. I think children benefit from using technology because pretty soon that is the only thing they will be using. I also think the children writing on blogs instead of books was a great idea! Positive comment can boost any child's self-esteem, and at a young age this is very important. I hope the school I teach at is up to date with technology so that I can use some these techniques as Mrs. Cassidy did.


  1. You seem very excited about technology in the classroom. This is important for future teachers like us. I enjoy your enthusiasm, keep up the good work!

  2. The use of the Nintendo DS was outstanding. I also like the idea of using Skype in the classroom. Aside from Skypping with experts, what is another way Skype could be used in the classroom?

  3. I loved the idea of kids using their Nintendo DS. I think that if we can use any kind of fun toy to promote learning kids might be more willing to learn. I like Skype and I am enjoying using it so I think kids would find it really cool.