Friday, November 19, 2010

Additional Assignment #5

Solving for X
       Just Teach Them to Solve for X is about teaching students in a different way. Not everything in life is simple and to the point. The math teaher in this post was teaching his students to solve for X by drawing a picture. This made the students think about the concept of how getting X worked, which probably stuck with them more than a "chalkboard lesson." Sketch Portraits seemed to be about getting to know your students. If you have a better awareness of them then you will know how to handle and talk to them. Communication is key as a teacher, and we must know how to speak to our students. He Just Likes the Class for the Pencil was about nbont shaming the students. In my opinion, children learn better when they are enjoying what they are doing. No matter what technology you have, if the students do not enjoy it then it will not help. The Medium Shapes the Learning was one that I was not sure about. I think it meant that you did not need to have the latest technology to teach the students; instead, digger deeper and being creative with what you have will help them learn. If a teacher is not motivated, then they can not expect their students to be.

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