Wednesday, November 3, 2010

C4K #3 - #7 Summary

  For theC4K #3 assignment, my kid's blog was talking about FiaFia Night at school. They were separated into groups to draw images that went to a certain song. My kid's group was named "MTV," and was scheduled to show their video on September 22. "Never Say Never" by Justin Bieber and Jayden Smith was the song they were assigned. I commented on the post stating that I liked Justin Bieber, but I had never heard this song. I did go listen to the song on iTunes, and it did have a catchy beat to it. I also stated that I would love to see the images that drew, but I never heard anything back from them.
My Weekend
   My C4K #4 assignment was a child who lived in Australia. The post I commented on was about his weekend which was not very good. They had a terrible storm with tornadoes, and they even had an earthquake. He said that the storm was twice the size of Australia. I left a comment saying that I had never experienced a tornado or an earthquake so I couldn't imagine what he was going through. I also said I hoped everything got back to normal soon, and that everyone was safe. Someone else commented saying that the next weekend was supposed to be just as bad as the past. I hope everything turned out okay for them!
Video (C4K#5)
  This C4K assignment was probably my favorite. Her blog was about a video they were required to do, and we were also doing a video that week in EDM. We commented about that, and actually have a thread of about 5 comments going. She said the only thing they have done so far is upload pictures of themselves and since their are 13 children in her class, it has taken a while. I told her about the video I created, and how I read a book so that children anywhere could see it. She thought that was a fabulous idea. She loves doing things on the computer so I think it is good she able to have a computer class.
   C4K #6 was a blog congratulating the class on their blog accomplishments. He talked about how important having a blog was to him, and how much he appreciated his teacher for setting the class blog up. I commented on his blog explaining that before this class I had never done blogging before but I am beginning to enjoy it. He had a picture of his puppy on a lter post, so I also commented about that and told him a little bit about my dog. He seemed to really enjoy blogging with his class, and his classmates seemed to enjoy it as well from what the comments they left said.
How 'Bout Them Apples
Apples   This C4K assignment was about a project she did with her class. The cut up apples to see how many seeds were in the apples. Since her group had the most seeds, they won! I commented saying that I was so glad her math teacher was using things that the class enjoyed to help them learn. I also told her that if you cut an apple in half (stem to side, not straight up) that it makes a star at the center. I congratulated her and her group on winning the project. It is nice to know that her teacher was bringing a healthy food that the class enjoyed into her lesson to reiterate what she taught!

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