Wednesday, December 1, 2010

C4K Summary Post (November and December)

little boy and girl pen pals
The child I was assigned to first was a little boy. He went to Noel Elementary and his blog was about his dog. He had a black lab puppy. I commented back stating that I had a yellow lab but she was almost two years old already. I wished him luck in school and told him to keep up the good work on his blog. The next blog I was assigned to was about Flat Rohin. It was a paper man named "Flat Rohin." The class created their own "flat man" and sent them all around. Flat Rohin was in Portland, Oregon (about 3,000 miles away from the school). I commented on how I though that was a very neat idea. Since Flat Rohin wrote a summary and took pictures in every place he went then the student got to learn about a lot of different cultures. The last student I commented on was more of a group project. They did a video on how to plan a paper. Overall they did a great job on the video. They explained everything, and I really think they helped the class out by making the video. I commented back by saying they did an awesome job. I encouraged them to keep up the good work because technology is getting more advanced every year. At their age I could not make my own video, so they were far more advanced than me. Yasmine was my last assigned blog for the year. No one was commenting on any of her blogs so the whole class decided to comment. I commented on her blog about a book called "Unbridled Fury." She gave a summary of the book, and she really did a great job. I commented back saying that I would have to read the book now because her summary was so good. I encouraged her to keep her blog because it could always help someone, even if just one person. I have thoroughly enjoyed Comment for Kids this semester, and I hope the kids got as much out of it as I did.

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