Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Blog Post #10

An Open Letter To Educators
Morgan Bayda's blog post was about a video that Dan Brown created. He talked about how educational facilities need to step it up to if they want to keep up with the real world. He talked about how we need to empower students to change the world, not try to make them conform to it. I agree with this completely! EDM may not be my favorite class because of all the work, but I have learned more from this class than I have any other class at South. The world is changing all around us constantly! We can not teach our students to conform to something that is not stable or consistent. They have to be able to make their own choices and ideas. Major changes need to take place inside of America's schools in order to make empowered students. With one click, someone can search anything in the world or connect to anyone in the world. I want my students to be able to be creative, active learners. I want to learn from them on how to be a better teacher. I do NOT want them to walk in my classroom and almost fall asleep. I will use blogs, encourage PLN's and do class projects that let them be creative in their own ways. Children are our future, and if they continue to conform nothing will ever change, or improve.
Don't Let Them Take Pencils Home
Mr. John Spencer was one of my C4T's earlier this semester, and I really enjoyed his posts. I became a follower then because I actually enjoyed reading his blog. This post was another great one! I LOVE that defended hangman. Children can learn to spell and even learn different words by playing hangman. When I was in elementary school, we got to play hangman at the end of the day, and we always looked forward to it! I also like that he did not argure about the issue, rather he created a solution. I think teachers depend too much on the students work at home. Yes, it is important but so is a kid getting to be a kid. Being creative with fun projects can help tie the two together. Mr. Spencer's blog posts are always very interesting!
Two Questions That Can Change Your Life
WOW! Super motivational video! I liked it a lot. It really makes you think, especially the question "Are you better today than yesterday?" That made me realize a lot. No matter what, you should always strive to be better than your best. What happens to you today, does not dictate your tomorrow enless you let it. My sentence is "I am a child of God who wants to educate children since they are OUR future."

Question Mark with Confused man

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