Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Additional Assignment #3

Changing Educational Paradigms

RSAnimation.Sir Ken Robinson did a great job on this video! It was very interesting and well put together. The most important thing I think he mentioned in this video was that we medicate our children. Today parents spend more time at the doctor trying to figure out what is wrong with their child rather disciplining them. I work at a local daycare and when a child becomes disruptive, the parents ask "Do you think they need medicine?" I find this to be disturbing. He pointed out that 98% of students start out at a genius level but every five years that percentage decreases. Since every child has this capability, we need to figure out why they are losing it when the become "educated." I do not disagree with anything that Sir Ken Robinson said; in fact, I found myself agreeing with everything. My time has the University of South Alabama and at the College of Education has been much like a factory. None of my teachers have taken the time out to get to know me. Most of them do not even know my name without a roster. They teach us what they feel we need to know, and spit us out into the "real world" expecting us to know everything. As a future educator I will encourage the parents of my students to work with their children before trying to medicate them. If I was required to do a presentation like this one, I would want to be the artist! However, I can not draw so I would do the sound effects or try to at-least. This video is well worth watching, and I recommend it to everyone reading this blog!

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